Word Clock - Ascetic Design - display 3

Word / Binary / Digital Clock – Nixie style

Have you ever felt like time is moving to fast?
Do you have trouble being in the moment for more then a few seconds?

Just take a time and go slow with this clock.

Word Clock - Ascetic Design - orange1

Just recently, I’ve been working on new concept of Binary Clock / Word Clock with unusual approach for it.

Instead of showing the time like in classical type of clock with the hands or numbers, it shows you a time by displaying the text on the transparent surface.

Word Clock - Ascetic Design - close look

It is a extraordinary clock with clean and ascetic, spartan design making a stylish addition to any desk, shelf or bedside table.

What is also unique about this timepiece is that time is displayed about each 5 minutes periods.
In today rush environment we can slow down and contemplate little bit our life.


Crafted to fit your interior.
Beautiful engrave text give to a Binary Clock / Word Clock unique style and timeless appearance.

Word Clock - Ascetic Design - display

This clock enriches the place where you work, live and rest.

Word Clock - Ascetic Design - IPhone_3

It was created to be modern, minimal and timeless.  Its sole purpose is to tell time, while subtly reminding you of the importance of the passing minutes.

Word Clock - Ascetic Design - display off

Basic geometry layout was chosen to create the body for the clock, making it extremely simple, and clean with realization of concept of ascetic (spartan) design.

Word Clock - Ascetic Design - display 3


Accelerate time shows how time is passed over the segments of display


If you would like to get more dynamics on the display you can just change with one button click to seconds display mode.

Seconds are shown by sum of displayed segments.

Time laps of 1 minute in 5 seconds.



Word Clock can come to you with different type of easy exchangeable displays. There are 8 types of displays available. 6 Word Clock displays, 1 Binary Clock, 1 Digital Clock.

Word Clock - exchangable diplays_1


If you will choose version with 8 type of displays you will get elegant base for them out of charge, to have all of them in one place.

Word Clock - 8 display stand - Ascetic Design


Depend on your mood and the place where you are you can play around with changing the 22 available colours on display any time you want.

Word Clock - Ascetic Design - 22 colors


You can adjust brightness of Word Clock any time you want from 12 desired levels.

Adjust brightness level of the Word Clock to fit the best the brightness of the the place where it is.

Word Clock - Ascetic Design - 12 of Brightness


Word Clock come to you with 7 types of display mode.


Interaction with Word Clock is very simple and intuitive.

To go through all of the functions there is a one button.

Word Clock - Ascetic Design - button interaction_2

Button interact for three type of click

  • short click (up to 0,5 second) – step forward in the current function
  • long click (from 1 second up 2 seconds) – step in or out in to/from current function
  • reset (from 10 second) – reset Word Clock to default settings

Word Clock - Ascetic Design - button interaction_1

The main loop include following functions and sub functions

  • Time presentation
    • Setting the time
  • Seconds presentation
  • Mode
    • 7 diferent display modes
  • Brightness
    • 12 levels of brightness
  • Colour
    • 22 type of colours


On the back of the Word Clock you will find algorithm and all functions to improve interaction and avoid any additional paper instruction.

Word Clock - Algorithm (9)


Word Clock is supplied with standard popular Micro USB connector.

You can basically use any type of phone charger with Micro USB connector and current around 1.2A when you would like to run clock with full brightness with all LEDs.

Word Clock - Ascetic Design - MicroUSB


You can even use Power Bank to run your Word Clock.

Word Clock - Ascetic Design - Power Bank

For how long it last battery depend on the color, brightness and mode chosen.

For example with Power bank supply around 3500mA Word Clock can go around 2 days with brightness on the level 4 and constant display of time with orange color.

Brightness on the level 4 is fine even in even sunny day on your desk.


Thanks for staying to the very end, just take a look on bonus video with thank you for your support :)

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