SMD Breakout board for TQFP32 QFN32 TQFP44 QFN44 and SO08

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SMD Breakout PCB for 5 diferent types of packages like a TQFP32 QFN32 TQFP44 QFN44 and SO08 – and all of those on one small but very useful breakout PCB whith fit perfect in to the breadboard and your projects.

Breakout board SMD for TQFP32 QFN32 TQFP44 QFN44 SO08 - main - AwesomePCB

Most of the time when you are making your prototype you need to use microcontroler. In such a case basically you have two choices, first one is to use dedicated platform with include sutch a microcontroler, where you have all components already assembled.  Second choice would be when you need something more custom. In such a case  using universal breakout board PCB would be good solution.

Example with Atmega 16  microcontroler with package TQFP44.

Breakout board for ATMEGA16 ATMEGA32 - AwesomePCB

Example with FTDI232  microcontroler with package TQFP32.

Breakout board for FTDI232 - AwesomePCB

Central part of this breakout prototyping board it is area for 4 types of popular packages like a TQFP32 QFN32 TQFP44 QFN44  which are usualy used to use for microcontroler like a ATmega16 ATMEGA 32, some sort of ARM microcontroler and other popular microcontrolers. Time to time you need to use only microcontroler with other dedicated pheryphery (for example when power consumption is critical).

Breakout board SMD for TQFP32 QFP32 TQFP44 QFN44 SO08 flip side - AwesomePCB

On the top and on the bottom side of the PCB  you will find also very popular SMD SO08 packages which can be used for diferent type of electronic components like a FLASH or EEPROM, amplifier or even popular NE555. Those packages (SO08) allowed you to connect mentioned components directly to uC, without any additional PCB. For each side you will find two packages on the left and on the right side of the PCB. SO08 packages have around them complete description of the pin, and marking around pin one that you will know where you are when you are making your prototype. Around SO08 there is a footprint 0805 and 1206 for for example decoupling capacitor.

Breakout board SMD TQFP32 QFP32 TQFP44 QFN44 SO08 - SO08 footprint-AwesomePCB

Full silkscrean on top and bottom. Each pin is well described on the PCB, to helpe you speed up development process when you are making your prototype.

SMT Breakout board for TQFP32 QFP32 TQFP44 QFN44 and SO08_top_AwesomePCB

Narrow design of the PCB allowed you to fit in to the breadboard. Great benefit served by breakout board for TQFP32 QFN32 TQFP44 QFN44 and SO08 is that when you will place it on the breadboard you will get access for 4 pins on each side of the breadboard.

Breakout board SMD TQFP32 QFN32 TQFP44 QFN44 SO08_AwesomePCB

Great support for this PCB are those 0805 1206 packages for capacitors, resistor or diode, so you can us them like a footprint for decoupling capacitors for uC, or you can create a simple RC or RL filters just depend what do you need. Also 0603 package can be placed and solder with little soldering skills.

Breakout board SMD TQFP32 QFP32 TQFP44 QFN44 SO08 - 1206 0805 0603 footprint_AwesomePCB


And assembly of microcontroller on the breakout board.

Breakout board for FTDI232 - assembly - AwesomePCB

Main features

  • Easy connect to breadboard
  • 1 x TQFP32 footprint
  • 1 x QFN32 footprint
  • 1 x TQFP44 footprint
  • 1 x QFN44 footprint
  • 2 x SO08 footprint
  • complete description of pins on SMT breakout PCB on top and bottom side
  • 4 x 0805/1206 footprint
  • solder masked to prevent bridging
  • big holes 1 mm
  • white soldermask
  • black silkscreen

Main details

  • Product Dimensions: 
    • SMD Breakout PCB: 96.5 x 16 x 1.6 mm ; 3 g
  • Material:
    • Double-sided high-quality FR4 glass-epoxy circuit board
    • double sided PCB with metalization in holes
    • white soldermask on top and bottom side to high contrast and readability
    • black silkscreen on top and bottom side to high contrast and readability

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