Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi ZERO SHIELD – Universal SHIELD for Raspberry Pi family

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To simplify making a prototype you can use Universal SHIELD for Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi ZERO.


I will tell nothing new about Raspberry Pi that it is a small PC with SD card slot onboard, camera connector, two USB MICRO connectors on for your devices like a mouse keyboard and other type of resurces, HDMI that you are able to connect external monitor and also if you would like to connect your external resources you can use 2×20 GPIO connector.  On this connector you will find Input/output pins and power supply +3V3, +5V and GND.
Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Zero - universal shield 1 - AwesomePCB

From time to time you would like to make something custom for your Raspberry Pi like a small 7 seg display, LED status, or even small OLED diplay.  Raspberry Pi ZERO SHIELD can you create your prototype in smiple and easy way.

Raspberry Pi - universal shield - bulb display - AwesomePCB

Raspberry Pi Zero - universal shield - 7 seg encoder - AwesomePCB

There are some few nice thing about Raspberry Pi ZERO SHIELD that will make a live much more easier over the prototyping stage.


Raster 2.54 mm ( 0.1 inch)

First realy useful thing about Raspberry Pi ZERO is that has universal prototyping area with standard raster betwean pins 0.1′ (2.54mm). This allowed you to place any type of components like a DIP or DIL packages, basically everything with raster 0.1 inch.

Raspberry Pi Zero - universal shield - DIP08 - AwesomePCB

Silkscreean on the top and bottom side

Second thing is that Raspberry Pi ZERO SHIELD has full pin description on the top and on the bottom side of the shield. When you look on any type of Raspberry Pi you would probably noticed the it doesn’t have pinout description on it. This is a pain when you need to any time look into the documentation when you are making your prototype. With Raspberry Pi ZERO SHIELD it is easy and simple. Each pin has all required information to start development base on Raspberry Pi.

Rasppery Pi ZERO SHIELD – pin description on the top side.

Raspberry Pi Zero - universal shield - pin silkscreen - AwesomePCB


Rasppery Pi  SHIELD – pin description on the bottom side.

Raspberry Pi - universal shield - pin silkscreen 1 - AwesomePCB

When you are in the middle of your prototype, there is a time that it is not easy to recognize where you are. To simplify this, prototyping area have silkscreen description in horizontal direction from 1 to 24 and vertical direction from A to H.

Raspberry Pi - universal shield - silkscrean top and bottom - AwesomePCB

The same description you will find on the top side Raspberry Pi ZERO SHIELD and on the bottom side.

Raspberry Pi ZERO - universal shield - silkscrean top and bottom - AwesomePCB

 Power supply rails

On the left edge of Raspberry Pi ZERO SHIELD you will find 3 power supply rails.

Raspberry Pi Zero - universal s

First one is connected with +5V from Raspberry Pi second one is connected with +3.3V and the last one is connected with Raspberry Pi ZERO ground GND. Around each reail you will find also silkscreen marking, so you don’t miss them. Those rails can be use for spreading corresponding voltage amongst all Raspberry Pi ZERO SHIELD.

Assembly holes

Raspberry Pi ZERO SHIELD you will also find 4 x 2.8 mm holes like in Raspberry Pi. Those holes are done base on Raspberry Pi requirements, so they are non plated through holes.

Raspberry Pi - universal shield - assembly holes - AwesomePCB

Undercut for display and camera

Undercut on the PCB for Raspberry Pi SHIELD allowed you to connect display and camera.

Raspberry Pi - universal shield - camera and display slot - AwesomePCB

SMD SO08 package

There is a SMD SO08 package on the top side of Raspberry Pi SHIELD so you can.

On the top side of the Raspberry Pi SHIELD  you will find also very popular SMD SO08 packages which you can be useed for diferent type of electronic components like a FLASH or EEPROM, amplifier or even popular NE555. Those packages (SO08) allowed you to connect mentioned components directly to Raspberry Pi  without any additional PCB. SO08 package have around complete description of the pin, and marking around pin one that you will know where you are when you are making your prototype.


Raspberry Pi - universal shield - SMD SO08 - AwesomePCB

Plated thru hole

The copper pads in prototyping area go all the way through so you get great connections and you can solder on the top or on the bottom side of Raspberry Pi ZERO SHIELD.


Main features

  • prototyping area with plated thoroug hole connections (1.1 mm – hole diameter take even big power components)
  • Raspberry Pi  and Raspberry Pi ZERO connector
  • complete description of pins on Raspberry Pi ZERO SHIELD connector
  • 3 power supply rails (+5V, +3V3, GND)
  • description pins on top and bottom side of the Raspberry Pi ZERO SHIELD
  • assembly holes 2.8 mm base on Raspberry Pi standard for shield
  • solder masked to prevent bridging
  • white soldermask for good contrast and readablility
  • black silkscreen for good contrast and readablility

Main details

  • Product Dimensions: 
    • Raspberry Pi SHIELD PCB: 65 x 56 x 1.6 mm ; 10 g
    • Raspberry Pi ZERO SHIELD PCB: 65 x 30 x 1.6 mm ; 6 g
    • 4 mounting holes 2.8 mm (NPTH)
  • Material: FR4, double sided PCB, with soldermask and silkscrean

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