SMD HAL + 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, SOT23, SOT223, SOT323

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  • Size: L0.3  W0.6  H0.59 inch [L7.62 W15.24 H1.5 mm]
  • SMD footprint  – 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, SOT23, SOT223, SOT323
  • Each component has dedicated footprint
  • Hole for 3 PIN connector with rast 0.1 inch [2.54 mm]
  • Description of pins on the PCB
  • Material FR4,  CTI 175, HAL surface, RoHS compliant
  • Area of reference, value designator
  • Awesome PCB can be placed side by side in Bread Board
  • Component once used can be reused in future projects
  • Pins or sockets can be used depend of used platform
  • Direct connect to Arduino or other development board
  • Make wide variety of connections on PCB

0603_0805_1206_SOT23_SOT223_0402_SOT323_rev01 (PDF: 210kB)

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Awesome PCB makes it easy for you to place SMD components on your Bread Board.

Why SMD on your Bread Board?

There are many reasons.  First, often there simply are no THT components available to perform as you need – they do not make them. So, the only way to get the component on your Bread Board is by using the SMD version – there is no other.  Second, often it is important that your prototype is as representative of the final product as possible – some SMD components do not have an identical equivalent in a THT package –  you need the real thing – you need that particular SMD component on your Bread Board.  Awesome PCB is the perfect link from SMD components to your Bread Board.

Awesome PCB can help reduce the clutter by providing a foundation for small modules with some internal integration.  A few Awesome PCBs on your Bread Board, and suddenly it can look manageable.

And because you can write on Awesome PCBs, you will no longer need to wonder what a component is – all can be clear.  If you have a capacitor, inductor, LED or temperature sensor on an Awesome PCB, you will no longer need to wonder at the value – you add the ID, and every time you use it, you will not loose it!


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