ESP8266 Wi-Fi Network – SCREW SHIELD_1
ESP8266 Wi-Fi Network - SCREW SHIELD_bottom sideESP8266 Wi-Fi Network - SCREW SHIELD_programmingESP8266 Wi-Fi Network - SCREW SHIELD_1


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  • PCB – size 51 x 20.7 [mm]
  • Easy to screw terminal block  2.54mm/0.1″
  • 2 x 3.3mm holes for easy adaptation in your system
  • Build in power supply 3.3V@800mA DC for ESP8266 and your circuitry
  • Reset switch for ESP8266
  • Flash switch for firmware upgrade on ESP8266
  • full descripption of pins on top and bottom side of PCB

Subject of sale is assembled  ESP8266 Wi-Fi – SCREW SHIELD.


ESP8266 Wi-Fi – SCREW SHIELD REV01 (PDF: 880kB)


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ESP8266 Wi-Fi – SCREW SHIELD it is a shield for support realy popular IoT module ESP8266 model 01, and make easy adapt ESP8266 wherever you want.

SP8266 Wi-Fi Network - SCREW SHIELD

Time to time we need to adopt in the field popular ESP8266-01 Wi-Fi module which is used widely in IoT systems.
And here is the thing. When we do not have soldering station around ourselves and even worst we do not have power supply for soldering station we have a small problem.

Solution for this problem can be simple SCREW SHIELD for ESP8266-01 Wi-Fi module base on concept from similar design done for ATtiny85.

There are few things which make ESP8266 Wi-Fi – SCREW SHIELD special

Screw connectors that allowed you realy fast and simple addapt ESP8266-01 in the field. Basicly you need to have just a screwdriver and that is all, no soldering required. Just screw cable to connectors and you are ready to go with your device.

ESP8266 Wi-Fi Network - SCREW SHIELD_top side_1


ESP8266 Wi-Fi – SCREW SHIELD has build in power supply stabilizer. As you may notice ESP8266 works with 3.3V logic as well power supply. On shield you will find dedicated connector to connect external power supply from the range of 5÷12VDC. Output current of power supply is 800mA, so you can supply ESP8266 and any other circuitry in your system.

ESP8266 Wi-Fi Network - SCREW SHIELD_power supply_bottom


There are 2 screw holes 3.3mm diameter on PCB. This allowed you basically adapt your ESP8266 anywhere.

ESP8266 Wi-Fi Network - SCREW SHIELD_pcb_top_screw_right_left


On the SCREW SHIELD PCB you will find full description of pins on top and bottom side. This simplified and speed up assembly in your system without looking in the the documentation of ESP8266-01.

ESP8266 Wi-Fi Network - SCREW SHIELD_pcb_bottom


On the PCB there is a reset switch which allows you any time reset ESP8266.

Flash switch provide ability to upgrade the firmware on ESP8266.

ESP8266 Wi-Fi Network - SCREW SHIELD_pcb_top_reset_flash



ESP8266 Wi-Fi – SCREW SHIELD REV01 (PDF: 880kB)


1 × PCB – size 51 x 20.7 [mm]


2 × 100nF / 50V / 1206

3 × 10k / 1206

2 × Switch

3 × 2-pin 2.54mm/0.1″

2 × 3-pin 2.54mm/0.1″

1 × LD1117S33 / SOT223 / LDO 800mA

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