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Bread Board – 830 pools

€ 3.69 including tax

  • dimensions 16.5 x 5.4 x 0.85 [mm]
  • quickly create connections
  • the possibility of grouping
  • the ability to adhere to the base
  • 4 power lines
  • 830 fields
  • maximum voltage of 300V
  • maximum current of 5A
  • Ideal for learning Arduino

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Breadboard is used to create and test electronic systems without the need for soldering. To simplify the design are stripes (blue and red) indicating the polarity of the power supply.

 Circuits are built by sticking components in the corresponding holes on the plate.
Test your design before performing the target device.
A prototype based on bread board, will save your time and money.

It’s perfectly fit for projects based on the Arduino.


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