IoT ArduPiSHIELD – universal shield for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

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Lates revision of ArduPiSHIELD has following features:

  • Compatibility:
    • Arduino UNO R3
    • Raspberry Pi family
    • Arduino Micro R3
    • Arduino Nano V3
    • Intel Galileo
    • Arduino Nano V3 – clon
    • ATtiny85/45/25
    • Direct connection to breadboard (840 points)
  • Socket for OLED diplay SSD1306
  • RGB LED WS2812B
  • Description of pins on the PCB
  • Power supply 3.3V and 5V on breadboard from Arduino and Raspberry Pi (can be disconnected)
  • ArduPiSHIELD can be placed directly on breadboard with instant access for Arduino and Raspberry Pi pins
  • Make wide variety of connections on breadboard
  • Plug and play with other shields compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi connector.
  • Bi directional logic level converter between Arduino and Raspberry Pi to protect Raspberry Pi pins
  • ESP8266 Wi-Fi module for Arduino boards and for Raspberry Pi which do not have WiFi
  • Programming connector for ESP8266 Wi Fi
  • Flash and Reset switches for ESP8266 Wi Fi
  • Status LED for each pin Arduino and Raspberry Pi which can be disconnected by jumper wire



Idea for IoT ArduPiSHIELD emerged from one of the early backer Indiegogo campaign for ArduSHIELD – universal shield for Arduino UNO, Mini, Pro Mini, Nano, Micro, Leonardo and many others boards who gave a hint to make a similar shield for Raspberry Pi platform.

Base on this I was start digging little more this subject and I thought why not to combine the two platforms, and give all support from Arduino platform (hundreds of shields out there) to Raspberry and vice versa.

At this moment project is in the concept phase ArduSHIELD were connected with Raspberry Pi by connector.

Next idea would be to have support on ArduPiSHIELD for realy popular IoT Wi-Fi module ESP8266.

General idea would be to develop common development platform for Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

We know that before Raspberry Pi 3 receive support for Wi-Fi but still lot of us have model A and B without support for WiFi.

ESP8266 has also great support from Arduino comunity, so with in less the $2 you can have access to your Wi-Fi network from Arduino or Raspberry Pi.


Please take a look on the pin out proposal on the part connected to the breadboard (eg. Raspberry Pi IO02<->0 Arduino ).


It seems that pins Raspberry Pi are covered on the bread board side and one still left.

Comments are welcome.


Proposal of the connector for Raspberry Pi.




Proposal of arrangement for ESP8266.


Current version of ArduSHIELD also include footprint for WS2812B RGB LED,


SSD1306 OLED display, power supply led indicator and footpring for ATtiny85. IoT_ArduPiShield_RaspberryPi_Arduino_AwesomePCB_SSD1306_OLED_DisplayUPDATE 5

General concept for Arduino ass well for Raspberry Pi.



ArduPiSHIELD has arrived with firs new concept.


and PCB


ArduPiSHIELD connected with Raspberry Pi ZERO.

Connector has full description of pins.


as well pins described on breadboard


and ESP8266 WiFi connector


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