IoT ArduPiSHIELD – universal shield for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

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ArduPiShield it is most universal development shield for most popular Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards like a Arduino UNO R3, Raspberry Pi family, Arduino Mini, Arduino Nano V3, Leonardo, Yun, Zero, Galileo Gen2 and many other derivative boards created by great community of people.


What is also ArduPiSHIELD? It is bridge between Arduino and Raspberry Pi platform.

As we know both platforms has own strong points.  But they are working on different level voltage. Raspberry Pi has 3.3V logic voltage range and Arduino has 5V. And what we would like to use those two platform at the same time we have to use level voltage converter in order to avoid burning pins on Raspberry Pi.

With ArduPiSHIELD they can be combine in one powerful tool in our daily work.

In addition now you can connect 5V logic circuits to Raspberry Pi via ArduPiSHIELD and play with this electronic on the bread board.



4 holes access on bread board

Over development process on the bread board it is important to have access for as much holes in the bread board as possible. In case of ArduPiSHIELD we’ve got access for 4 pins on each side of bread board.



Status LED

Great feature in order to perform debug process of your software is to know what is going on on the pin of Raspberry Pi or especially  Arduino where we do not have standard debugger. To improve debug experience each pin is connected to status LED.

High state on the pin is signalized with LED ON. In case of low state on the pin LED is OFF.

16_status LED digital__ArduPiSHIELD_AwesomePCB

In case of Arduino, pins from A0 to A7 can be also used like a digital pins, and in case of this fact they also received status LED.

15_status LED analog__ArduPiSHIELD_AwesomePCB

You can permanently  turn ON/OFF status LED by convenient jumper bridge.

14_status LED digital_ArduPiSHIELD_AwesomePCB

Analog pins of Arduino received also separated jumper bridge, in order to minimize analog measurement mistakes on the pin.

13_status LED analog_ArduPiSHIELD_AwesomePCB

Connector for OLED display SSD1306

There is support for 4 pin connector (I2C interface) on ArduPiShield for popular OLED display SSD1306, which also have really good Arduino library support as well Raspberry Pi for building small application with this type pf display.

12_OLED SSD1306_ArduPiSHIELD_AwesomePCB

ATtiny85 family support

Not all of the time you need to use Arduino Uno and Atmega32 in your project. Therefore we also bring socket on ArduPiShield for ATTiny25/45/85 family.

ATTiny85 can be programmed via Arduino Uno and Arduino IDE. This is very convenient way of playing with it. After software is ready you can place your ATtiny85 in to your desired application.




On the ArduPiSHIELD you will also find very popular RGB LED WS2812s with great library support done by FASTled In addition you can connect for hole LD2 OUT external chain of LED and drive them with desired animation.

10_RGB LED WS2812s_ArduPiSHIELD_AwesomePCB


Power supply +5V and +3V on bread board.

Another useful thing about ArduPiShield is that you can have power supply to your bread board directly from the shield.

On the upper power supply rail on the bread board we have access for +3V3 and GND.


On down rail of bread board we’ve got +5V and GND.


If you don’t want to use those signals, just cut traces on 0R resistors.

If you want to go back with this connection just place a drop of tin between cutted trace.


POWER supply indication

There are 2 LED on ArduPiSHIELD to show whether power supply is connected or not.

Those LED can also show eventual shortcut on the line when you are on the way with your prototype.

19_power indication_ArduPiSHIELD_AwesomePCB

ICSP connector

In case of Arduino UNO there is a ICSP connector available on shield, so you can used if you want.



Wi Fi – ESP8266 for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

As we Arduino UNO, Arduino Nano and Arduino Micro do not have Wi Fi support.

As well older Raspberry Pi boards do not have Wi Fi support.

In order to provide wireless communication for Arduino and Raspberry Pi, ArduPiSHIELD received connector for really popular Wi Fi module which is ESP8266-01.



Wi Fi – ESP8266 programming interface

If you want to play with ESP8266-01, you can simply connect FTDI232 programmer to dedicated socket and  you can upload you software in to ESP8266.

There are also RESET and FLASH switches used for programming support of ESP8266. In case of this ArduPiSHIELD provide basic platform to play with ESP8266.

6_ESP8266 prog and switch_ArduPiSHIELD_AwesomePCB


Raspberry Pi ZERO and ArduPiSHIELD



Raspberry Pi pin description

As we know there is a lack of information about pin description on the Raspberry Pi.

ArduPiSHIELD provides name description, so you can even connect “at hoc” some cables in this areas if you want.



Raspberry Pi ZERO with Arduino Micro



Raspberry Pi B+

Raspberry Pi B+ connected directly to bread board.  Instant voltage conversion for all of the pins from +5V on the bread board to +3V3 on Raspberry Pi.



Arduino Micro with ESP8266

Fast and easy adaptation of ESP8266 Wi Fi module with Arduino Micro, just no additional components required.



Main features of ArduPiSHIELD

  • Compatibility:
    • Arduino UNO R3
    • Arduino Micro R3
    • Arduino Nano V3
    • ATtiny85
    • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
    • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
    • Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+
    • Raspberry Pi Zero
    • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Breadboard 840 points
    • access for 4 prototyping holes on breadboard
  • Status LED for each pin of Raspberry Pi and Arduino
    • jumper ON/OFF for status LED digital pins
    • jumper ON/OFF for status LED for analog pins (Arduino)
  • Wi-Fi connector for ESP8266
    • programming connector for  ESP8266
    • FLASH and RESET switch for ESP8266
  • Socket for OLED diplay SSD1306
  • RGB LED WS2812B
    • output pin for connecting chain of RGB LED WS2812B
  • Power status LED for +3V3 and +5V
  • Description of pins on the PCB for Raspberry Pi
  • Description of pins on the PCB for Arduino
  • Power supply +5V and +3V3 on breadboard
    • jumper for disconnect / connect power supply to breadboard
  • ICSP connector for Arduino
  • ArduPiSHIELD can be placed directly on breadboard with instant access for Raspberry Pi and Arduino pins
  • Make wide variety of connections on breadboard
  • Direct connect to Arduino Uno or other compatible board

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